“We are a team of professionals, connected to each other by a network, specialized in solving problems in the packaging sector.
We are producers of stretch film, and we are present in several countries, both as producers with CASt technology, as transformers and distributors.”

About us

Our company operating since 1999, specialized in the extrusion of highly versatile and high performance polyethylene film mainly used in industrial packaging.

In Europe, we are specialized in the production of Stretch Film, with CAST technology.

Our plants, are technologically among the most advanced in the industry, our current production is 15,000 Tons, but we are about to extend production to 36,000 Tons.

Total quality

The origin of the quality policy starts from the scrupulous analysis and approval of raw material suppliers.

These are selected for purity, and total compatibility with the recycling process.
Our production processes include a constant computerized control system of all the extrusion parameters through the determination of the different components; a real-time verification of compliance with production specifications and tolerances allowed; careful management of all production batches and maintenance policies based on planned action plans.

Product traceability is guaranteed by a rigorous and accurate labeling management system that, in the event of non-compliance, allows us to track the production batch quickly and efficiently.

Environmental Ecology

We have as an real commitment, respect for the quality of working methods, production processes in total respect for the environment.

In addition to a scrupulous selection of raw materials, we have in production plants, invested in plants for the total recycling of processing waste.
No waste will end up in the waste, but it will be recycled and inserted into the production cycle, according to strict parameters of the production compounds.

Our recycling plants also allow us to recover the film already used by some of our customers, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic components in waste.


Our product range includes all types of stretch films, used in industrial sectors. All films are non-toxic, puncture-resistant, with elongation and flexibility, designed for use.
The products are completely recyclable and diversified in size.
The extrusion technologies are CAST type are among the most advanced available today. All production lines are equipped with automatic systems for quality control, as for thickness control supervision units, and programmable for automated loading from loading, to the realization of the finished product, whether for manual or automatic use.

Customer assistant

Our staff has specialized technicians, who are available to customers, who intends to develop a study to determine the product typology suited to their needs.


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+41 435 500478

Manufactoring Plant
Via alla Gerra, 13
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